M. Sudermann offers a wide variety of design services for your interior projects.


New Residential Construction

MSID provides new construction consultation from the very beginning stages of your project – from finding the right architect and builder to selecting the perfect color for your trim. When building, the material specifications that go into designing a new home can be intimidating: cabinet design, countertop selection, tile, plumbing, lighting fixtures, floor finishes, etc. The material selections seem endless but the expertise and experience of MSID can help maintain a sense of fluidity with color, design, space planning and even help keeping to a tight schedule, which over the course of your project, can save you money and ensure that you will be thrilled with the end results.

Home Renovation

Home renovation, much like new residential construction, can be very rewarding and fun if you have a good plan. The design/build process begins by evaluating your space and desires for the project. Our project experience ranges from sprucing up a dated powder room to adding an entire second floor to a 1950’s ranch. We can help you through the entire process beginning with recommending a reputable contractor. MSID is ready to help with any size project.

Furniture & Textile Specification

Sometimes all it takes to change the look and feel of a home is a new sofa, a couple of chairs and fresh window treatments. There are many aspects to consider when making these selections, such as size, comfort, color, durability and longevity, along with your personal lifestyle and philosophy. Our experience and trained eye can make what seems an overwhelming process enjoyable and rewarding. Don’t hesitate to call M. Sudermann Interior Design when pursuing these ideas.

Space Planning

Every home has space planning challenges, and thinking outside the box can be difficult when you live in the space from day to day. Whether deciding to ditch an armoire and go with a flat screen TV or just wanting a fresh look in a stale room, proper space planning can make all the difference in the look and comfort of your space. 

Product & Resource Knowledge

Finding those “just right” pieces may take some hunting. Our well-rounded knowledge of products and the best resources in which to find them can save time as well as frustration. MSID works hard to know a broad spectrum of products, materials and resources, and to understand and appreciate how you live in your space, so that the end result is not only beautiful, but functional for you as well.

Color Analysis

Most people think of color only during the décor phase, influencing fabrics, paint and rugs. But color plays a factor when selecting all interior materials and furnishings beginning with permanent structures such as flooring, cabinetry, countertops, plumbing and tile. It may sound daunting to choose a backsplash that you will enjoy for years, but our guidance will narrow down options, leaving you with the best choices to fit your home and style. Whether you are renovating and have some existing colors to work with or starting from scratch with all new materials, MSID has a talent for color specification that can make your project truly stand out.

Window Treatments

Selecting the right fabric for window treatments goes beyond color and pattern. Knowing how the weight of the fabric influences design and movement is very important. Did you know that some fabrics hold on to pet hair, while others may deteriorate in direct sunlight?

MSID is a full-service design firm that can help with all aspects of designing the right window treatments. Keeping in mind where they go and how often they will be used enables MSID to specify the perfect option for clients’ homes. Whether it’s woven woods, shutters, or decorative draperies, we can assist in design, measuring, fabrication and installation.